Students kept a daily dramaturgical journal of their observations and thoughts on #JeSuis rehearsals, about the dance workshops in which they participated, and on the trip to Athens. All notes entered into this journal were scanned and collected for this book.  I specified that this should be handwritten because, as you will see by browsing the notes, dance is hard to translate on paper, and the students developed very different notation systems to describe what they saw.  Before we left for Greece the class was split into two rehearsal observation periods each day. The “sessions” represent the days the students observed rehearsals and the notes are grouped by the time of the day they watched the #JeSuis company dance.

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Session 1 : 3-5pm | 7-9pm

Session 2: 3-5pm | 7-9pm

Session 3: 4-6pm

Session 4: 5-6pm | 7-8pm

Session 5: Notes from Students’ Rehearsals 


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