Students were required to interview one member of the Aakash Odedra company (choreographer, dancer, dramaturg, manager), compiling a biographical portrait that gives the reader insight into their background in dance and their training, their interest in this particular work and what they believe they add to the piece as singular individuals, a discussion of their professional contribution to the piece, and how this Abu Dhabi residence has affected them. The interview should be VIDEOTAPED (recorded for sound and image),  – students didn’t have to do a “talking head video – they were allowed to use recorded imagery from rehearsals or from other staged encounters if they liked. The recorded interview should be transcribed in full, edited for clarity and transferred onto a pdf for uploading. They also created a short Q&A format that synthesized the lengthier interview into three to four paragraphs.

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Aakash Odedra | Beril Şenöz | Evrim Akyay | Gizem Aksu | Melissa Ugolini | Su Güzey | Taner Güngör | Yasin Anar


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