Taner Gungor

Taner has been dancing since he was 8 years old and has continued dancing ever since. He started with Turkish folk dance in elementary school and continued all the way to his first years few years in college. He only moved to modern dance after changing to a more compatible but equally prominent college in Turkey.  When asked what dance meant to him he said that dance was the biggest part of his life having been present since a tender age.
Taner is a newer dancer to the group. He met Akash five years ago when he gave a workshop in Taner’s college. However, he only started working with him nine months ago when auditions took place to replace two Korean dancers who was no longer with the dance company. He enjoys working on #JeSuis because it allows him to self reflect as Akash often provides a space for the dancers to express themselves and find their purpose.
Although dance was always part of Taner’s life it was not his original plan. He meant to be an architect but due to the people he surrounding him and after serious reflection he decided to follow his passion and make it his profession. This was also his advice to upcoming young people facing similar crossroads. Taner is truly a dancer with all his heart.