Just casually walking in the streets of Athens was an experience in itself. It is a city that is beautifully planned to make it pedestrian friendly. There are small shops for clothing and accessories almost everywhere on the streets, especially near our hotel in Vekou. The main parts of the city such as the Acropolis Museum, Parliament and the Stadium is very accessible from Vekou and one can simply walk to these places. The walk in the street made up of cobblestone and marble with graffiti on the walls made the whole experience more remarkable.

Orthodox Church:

Our hotel was a five minutes walk from an Orthodox Church. It was magical to hear the bells ringing on the Sunday before the mass. While walking towards the church, I came across many people who were gracefully dressed for the mass.

Cafes and Bakeries:

There were cafes and bakeries at almost every street in Veikou. One of the most remarkable sight of these cafes was when we walked towards Plaka crossing the street that goes to Acropolis. These cafes were crowded around evening which added to their beauty.

Plaka Market:

Plaka market was a hub of shops of garments, shoes, jewelry and souvenirs. Everything was moderately priced. The walk in these streets was much more exciting than shopping in a mall probably because of the look of the streets. The small shops had a great variety so beautiful that it was almost too difficult to let go of some of these things. A few things that most of us bought were traditional notebooks, fridge magnets, olives, olive oil, jewelry, and postcards.