Marginalization, according to Webster, is In the text, the recurrent marginalization of ethnic minorities in Greek are defined in terms of the binary relationship of Given Greek’s historical standing as, Hellenism alludes to the glorified and idealized aspects of ancient Greek history which use cultural lineage and national purity as a validation to relegate under-represented […]


The most resounding word I found in Anis Barnat’s (founder of El Sistema Greece) interview, was her repetitive use of community. In somewhat contrast the Webster definition of community being Barnat argues that this very sense of fellowship can be conjured through the meaningful sharing and transfer of different, not necessarily common, cultures and interests. […]


In dance, choreography has come to mean, This definition finds new meaning in Danielle Goldman’s I Want To Be Ready, as it explores the relationship of the body in dance movements and social movements, bringing forth the notion of ‘choreography in protest’. According to scholar Susan Foster, during the 1999 World Trade Organization protests in […]


Human perception is defined as . In the context of an audience perception, Katherine Profeta in Dramaturgy In Motion, explains perception as something based on what an audience member already knows and recognizes, arguing that, “we need to have a learnt what a glass is first before we see the glass sitting on the table […]


Narrative, according to the Oxford dictionary, is or simply, “stories told through language.” The core idea being, expression in words is a prerequisite for narrative. In Dramaturgy In Motion, Katherine Profeta challenges this notion, bringing forth an alternative proposition of “textless and abstract expression” wherein stories have the scope of being told without words or […]


Assimilation is most commonly defined as . In We Refugees, Hannah Arendt persistently employs words such as , and – all alluding to the notion of assimilation – a highly pertinent, yet many times misused term. Arendt rebuffs the definition of assimilation as propounding an alternative philosophy that, Written from the perspective of a refugee, […]