From the outside, just as many buildings that I saw in Athens, the centre appeared small. But as I walked up the stairs, looking through the artistic images of women with empowering messages along the stair rail, I could already feel the warmth from the room. Literally and abstractly. Inside were various colourful paper flowers and other paper decorations hanging over the receptionist’s desk. On the left was a notice board, busy with a thread (literally) of other paper decorations, reminders, pictures, and cut-out pieces from new papers featuring women from diverse backgrounds. I immediately noticed one of them who had walked in for a cup of tea, and realised that the women featured were part of the network. There was so much involved in this network and the decorations of the living space and the reception, gave this fact away.

I was particularly intrigued by the sculptures, which were on top of one of the shelves in the living space. They somehow served as a reminder, particularly the one of a woman carving out her body fat. On the walls were colourful fabric, which gave the room an appealing vibrance. The highlight however, was the table full of tea and coffee, open for everyone. It was a clear indication of their hospitality and optimism such that more people will feel welcome to the centre.

I genuinely wanted to stay, we all did.