Skaramagas is a port town in the western part of the Athens agglomeration, Greece. At present, a large refugee camp with over 3,000 refugees is set up there. Mainly Syrian Arabs and Kurds, Iraqis and Afghans have been settled in the refugee camp and children account for over half of the population. The arrangement was proclaimed temporary by the Greek government, UNHCR and the EU; a waiting room where they can patiently wait to be resettled elsewhere in Europe. From January 10th to January 12th, our group visited the camp and there we taught dance choreographed by ourselves to children, teenagers, and adults. We prepared pop dances for kids and teenagers accompanied by the song “CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!” and the song “Best Song Ever”, and salsa dance for adults accompanied by the song “Despacito” and the song “El Perdón”. As such, we taught 3 dances to 2 different groups of people. Every one of us engaged ourselves deeply in the dance lessons, and we all developed precious friendships with the people we taught and worked with. Everyone got so emotional when it was time to say goodbye to them. It was a truly unique and worthy experience for us all, and we just hope that we could stay longer.